Be part of the event that everyone wants to visit!

Here are just a few reasons why you should exhibit at the NIGERIA  BHEXPO 2018

Nigeria receives the largest amount of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in Africa. Foreign Direct Investment inflows have been growing enormously over the course of   the last decade
Nigeria market is without doubt the biggest in Africa. With an official population figure of 170m, Nigerians may be nearer 200m than 170m. Nigeria GDP was about   270billionUSD in 2012 which reimbursing has put at 450billionUSD, with annual growth rates of 7%.
Labor is relatively cheap in Nigeria. I mean both skilled and unskilled. With an army of unemployed graduates, employers have a big pool to tap from and at a relatively   cheap costStart a business from the sectors with potential of the highest return
Construction, Food, Fashion, Decoration, Cosmetic, and Hygiene sectors are key sectors and potential drivers of future economic growth in Nigeria, mainly due to the   high demand from the growing population.