Being one of the most important trade show organizers, Elan Expo is the creator of leading trade shows. Elan Expo to date has successfully completed numerous of trade shows catering to different sectors throughout Iraq - in the South as well as in the North, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Algeria, Rwanda  and Morocco.  To date, hundreds of companies have attended the most important trade shows regularly organized on an annual basis.

In Nigeria;BuildExpo, AgroFood, BHExpo, FashionExpo and  DecorExpo in Lagos

In Algeria;
Siva Best5 Algeria, Algeria DecorExpo, Algeria FoodExpo in Algiers.

In Morocco;

MaBuild Expo, MaDecor Expo, CBH Expo, MCB Expo in Casablanca.

In Iraq;
BuildExpo, FoodExpo, DecorExpo, MatchExpo, TradeExpo in Basrah and Sulaymaniyah .
TradeExpo,  FurnExpo, HvacExpo, FlowerExpo, UrbanExpo in Erbil.

In Azerbaijan;
AfuExpo, DecorExpo, BCMExpo, FranchisExpo, RecExpo.

In Kazakhistan;
KafuExpo in Astana.

In Rwanda;
BuildExpo, AgroFood, BHExpo, FashionExpo and  DecorExpo in Kigali

And this time Elan Expo is going to organize NIGERIA BHEXPO in Lagos.
Elan Expo brings together international companies with local ones in these well-crafted organizations, in order to foster business relationships - all thanks to its professional team. Our management team has decades of experience in developing, selling, marketing and organizing global events.